17 Motivational Quotes, That Will Inspire You

Motivational Quotes

You Will Never Know
How High You Can Fly.
Until You Spread
Your Wings And Try.

A Desire Changes Nothing.
A Decision Changes Something.
But, A Determination…
Changes Everything.

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Always Remember That…
The Same Foot You Use
To Step Back is Able To
Speedily Take You Forward.

Inspirational Motivational Quotes

Believe in Yourself And
You Will Be

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To Survive in a Nation Of Sheep,
Ruled By Wolves, Owned By Pigs
You Must Become a Lion.

Motivational Quotes

Being Late Doesn’t Mean Failure.
Maybe It Means Getting
Ready For a Great Launch.

When a Million Things
Can Bring You Down.
Find One Reason
To Keep You Up.

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The One Who Falls And
Get Up, is So Much Stronger
Than One, Who Never Fell.

Motivational Quotes

The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Begins With a Single Step.

If You Can’t Fly, Then Run.
If You Can’t Run, Then Walk.
If You Can’t Walk, Then Crawl.
But, Whatever You Do
You Have To Keep
Moving Forward.

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Motivational Quotes For Success

Winners Are Not People
Who Never Fail.
But, People Who Never Quit.

Quotes on Motivation

A Bird Sitting on a Tree is
Never Afraid of The
Branch Breaking. Because,
Her Trust is Not on The Branch
But On It’s Own Wings.
Always Believe in Yourself.

Work Hard, Stay Disciplined
And Be Patient.
Your Time Will Come.

Monday Motivational Quotes

Sometimes Life Doesn’t
Give You, What You Want.
Not Because…
You Don’t Deserve It.
But Because You Deserve
So Much More.

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If You Don’t Like
Where You Are.
You Are Not a Tree.

Don’t Ask Permission To Fly.
The Wings Are Yours And
The Sky Belongs To Nobody.

Inspirational Motivational Quotes

When Life Puts You in
Tough Situations, Don’t Say
“Why Me” Say “Try Me”.