9 Sad Quotes About Love And Life

Sad Quotes

If They Are Okay With
Losing You, Stop Fighting.

Someone Asked Me
Who Hurt You?
I Replied
My Own Expectations.

I Know My Heart Will Never
Be The Same. But,
I’m Telling Myself
I’ll Be Okay.

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Having a Soft Heart Is
Crime These Days.

Sad Quotes

Getting No Message
Is Also a Message.

If Someone is Ok
With Losing You.
They Never Really
Cared For You.

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I Think I’m Afraid
to be Happy.
Because, Whenever
I Get too Happy,
Something Bad Always Happens.

No Matter…
How Bad You Describe Me.
There is Someone Out There
Who Loves Me Unconditionally.

Sometimes We Don’t
Need Advice,
We Just Need Somebody
To Listen.

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