27 Life Quotes And Quotes on Life With Images

Life Quotes

The Two Hardest Things To
Say in Life Are-
Hello For The First Time And
Goodbye For The Last.
-Moira Rogers

Quotes on Life

Never Measure Your Life
By Your Possessions.
Measure It By The Hearts
You Touched, The Smile
You Created And The Love
You Shared.

You Never Change Your Life
Until You Have Step Out Of Your
Comfort Zone.
Change Begins At The End Of Your
Comfort Zone.

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Best Life Quotes

Togetherness Teaches Us
What is Love?
Loneliness Teaches Us
What is Life?

Life Has Taught Me.
Never Expect Anything
From Anyone.


Life Quotes

What’s Done is Done.
What’s Gone is Gone.
One of Life’s Lessons,
is Always Moving on.

Unique Quotes on Life

Life Becomes More Meaningful,
When You Realize The Simple Fact,
That You Will Never Get The.
Same Moment Twice.

3 Mistakes of My Life-
-I Trust Easily.
-I Care For Everyone.
-I Don’t Cheat.

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Most of the Problems
in Life Are Because of Two Reasons-
-We Act Without Thinking. Or,
-We Keep Thinking Without Acting.

You Should Never Regret
Anything in Life.
If It’s Good, It’s Wonderful.
If It’s Bad, It’s Experience.

Quotes on Life

Appreciate The Great People
in Your Life.

Sometimes You Have To Suffer
in Life, Not Because You Were Bad.
But Because You Didn’t Realize
Where And When To
Stop Being Good.

Short Life Quotes

No One is Coming To Save You.
This Life is 100% Your Responsibility.

Life Will Shower You With
Storms. So That You Can
Appreciate The Rainbows.
– Roger Lee

Be Thankful For The
Bad Things in Life.
For They Opened Your Eyes
To The Good Things
You Were Not Paying
Attention To Before.

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Inspirational Quotes on Life

Your Life Does Not Have
To Be Perfect To Inspire People.
The World Needs To
See You Be Human.
Not Perfect.

Don’t Compare Your Life
To Others. There is No
Comparison Between The
Sun And The Moon.
They Shine When It’s
Their Time.

Short Life Quotes

Life is Simple,
It’s Just Not Easy.

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The Less You Respond
To Rude, Critical,
Argumentative People.
The More Peaceful
Your Life Will Become.

Life Become Easier
When You Delete
The Negative People
From it.

Life is Like a Flute.
It May Have Many Holes
And Emptiness. But If
You Work On It Carefully
It Can Play Magical Melodies.

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Life is the Most
Difficult Exam.
Many People Fail Because
They Try To Copy Others,
Not Realizing That Everyone
Has Different Questions To Answer.

We Can’t Always
Choose The Music
Life Plays For Us.
But, We Can Choose
How We Dance To It.

Best Quotes on Life

Best Rule For a Simple Life:
Care With No Reason.
And Love Without Expectations

Moments Become Memories
And People Become Lessons.
That’s Life.

A Satisfied Life is Better
Than a Successful Life.
Because, Our Success is
Measured By Others. But,
Our Satisfaction is Measured By
Our Own Soul, Mind And Heart.

Life is a Series of Moments,
Miracles And Experiences.
Enjoy Every Moment.
Notice The Miracles And
Learn From Experience.