17 Love Quotes And Best Quotes on Love

Love Quotes

Stay… Where You Feel Most Loved.


Don’t Love Too Deeply
Until… You’re Sure That The
Other Person Loves You With
The Same Depth.
Because, The Depth Of Your Love
Today is The Depth Of You
Wound Tomorrow.

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Best Love Quotes

Love Needs Trust The Way
Flowers Need Sunshine.

If You Love Two People At The
Same Time. Choose The Second.
Because If You Really Loved The
First One, You Wouldn’t Have
Fallen For The Second.

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Never Beg to be Loved.

Love Quotes

Quotes on Love

It’s Fine To Fight For
Someone Who Loves You.
It’s a Waste Of Time To Fight
For Someone To Love You.
There’s a Huge Difference.

Feeling Love Quotes

All I Want And,
All I Need is You.
Only You.

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True Love Quotes

Find Someone…
Who is Proud to Have You
Scared to Lose You
Fights For You, Appreciates You
Cares For You, And
Love You Unconditionally.

I am a Strong Person.
But, Once in a While,
I Need Someone to Hug Me,
And Tell Me-
“Everything is Going to be Okay”.

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A Person…
Who Hates Everyone Now.
Once Loved Someone Too Much.

Many People Think
Love is Full of Joy,
Smile And Romance.
But, The Actual Truth is
Love is Full of
Hurt, Pain And Cry.

Quotes on Love

There is Always That
One Person Who Really
Secretly Cares For You.

Love is The Bridge
Between You And Everything.

Love Story is Started With Two Heart
And End With One Broken Heart.

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Once You Fall in True Love
You Smile Daily
With Tears in Your Eyes.

Always Remember That
I Will Love You.
Forever And Ever.

I Care About You.
More Than You Think