13 Best Quotes Collection of All Time

Best Quotes

Forgive People in Your Life.
Even Those Who Are Not Sorry
For Their Actions.
Holding On To Anger Only
Hurts You, Not Them.

Best Quotes of All Time

Anyone Can Say
They Care.
But, Watch Their Actions,
Not Their Words.

The People That Are
There For You On
Your Darkest Nights Are The
Ones Worth Spending Your
Brightest Days With.

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Best Quotes on Love

Learn To Love Without Condition.
Talk Without Bad Intention.
Give Without Any Reasons.
And Most Of All…
Care For People Without
Any Expectation.

Someone Will Always Be Prettier.
Someone Will Always Be Smarter.
Someone Will Always Be Younger.
But, They Will Never Be You.

A Fool Shows Off,
to Get Glory.
A Wise Person,
Stays Quiet to,
Find Peace.

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Make a Mind, Which Never Minds.
Make a Heart, Which Never Hurt.
Make a Touch, Which Never Pains &
Make a Relation, Which Never Ends.

Best Quotes Of All Time

The People Who Deserve
To Be in Your Life Are The Ones
Who Treat You With Love
Kindness And Respect.

The Best Way To Help Yourself
is to Help Someone Else.

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Best Quotes About Life

Not Introduce Yourself to a Standard.
You Can’t Maintain. Remember…
You Have a Life To Live Not a
Society To Impress.

When Your Intentions
Are Pure, You Don’t
Lose Anyone.
People Lose You.

The Difference Between
Want And Need is
Self Control.

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Be a Good Person in
Real Life,
Not on Social Media.