12 Quotes of the Day, That Will Keep You Motivated & Inspired Whole Day

Quotes of the Day

You Will Never
Understand The Damage
You Did To Someone Until
The Same Thing is Done
To You.

Nobody Was Born Ugly.
The Problem is We Live in a,
Judgemental Society.

Best Quotes of the Day

Easy to Judge
Mistake of Others.
Difficult is to Recognize
Your Own Mistakes.

Sometimes Holding On
Does More Damage
Than Letting Go.

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There is a Story
Behind Every Person.
There is a Reason
Why They Are The Way
They Are.
Think About That Before
You Judge Someone.

Blessing Quotes of the Day

Stop Always Expecting
Your Blessings To Be Financial or
God May Have Just Added
Some Time To Your Life Instead.

Quotes of the Day

Not Everything You See
Or Hear is True.
The Devil Was Once
An Angel.

Emotional Abuse is Just as
Bad as Physical Abuse.
Worse! You Can Heal Broken
Bones But You Can’t Heal a
Broken Mind.

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Some People Reject You
Because, They Don’t Want To Play
With Your Feelings.
Thank Them For Being Authentic.

Having a Sharp Memory is a
Good Quality of the Brain.
But The Ability To Forget
The Unwanted Things is Far Better
Quality of the Heart.

You Will Become Successful
Not Because Of Your Skill,
But Because Of The
Grace Of God.

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If Money And Material Things
Make You Believe…
You Are Better Than Others,
You Are The Poorest Person
on Earth.