182 Broken Heart Quotes Or, Broken Quotes

  • ❝ Tears may dry, but the scars they leave on the heart remain forever. ❞

  • ❝ A broken heart is a maze with no exit, only dead ends of memories. ❞

  • ❝ The weight of a broken heart can only be measured by the tears shed in its name. ❞

Broken Heart Quotes

  • ❝ The echo of lost Love reverberates through the chambers of the heart. ❞

  • ❝ When the tears stop falling, the heart is still soaked in sorrow. ❞

  • ❝ The heart knows no logic; it only knows how to feel. ❞

  • ❝ A broken heart is like a shattered mirror; the pieces can never be put back together the same way. ❞

Broken Quotes

  • ❝ When love turns to ashes, the heart is left to burn. ❞

  • ❝ A broken heart is a puzzle with missing pieces, and the picture can never be complete again. ❞

  • ❝ The world may move on, but the heart remains frozen in time. ❞

  • ❝ A heart in pieces is a masterpiece of sorrow. ❞