15 Thought of the Day Quotes Collection

Thought of the Day

No One is Perfect.
That’s Why…
Understanding is So

Happiness Thought of the Day

If It Makes You Happy.
No One Opinion Should Matter.

Sometimes People Pretend
You’re a Bad Person.
So, They Don’t Feel Guilty
About The Things
They Did To You.

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When a Man Makes Money,
He Feels Like He Wants
More Women.
But a Women Makes Money
She Feels Like,
She Doesn’t Need a Man.

Thought of the Day

No One Notices Your Tears.
No One Notices Your Sadness.
No One Notices Your Pains.
But, They All Notices Your Mistakes.

People Change For Two
Main Reasons.
Either, Their Minds Have Been
Opened Or Their Hearts Have
Been Broken.

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Positive Thought of the Day

Whatever Comes, Let it Come.
Whatever Stays, Let it Stay.
Whatever Goes, Let it Go.

Thought of the Day Quotes

Never Reply When
You Are Angry.
Never Make a Promise
When You Are Happy.
Never Make a Decision
When You Are Sad.

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3 Things To Never Do:
1. Beg For Anyone to Stay
in Your Life.
2. Beg For Anyone to
Talk to You.
3. Beg For Anyone’s

Positive Thought of the Day

5 Things You Can Control
Everyday :
1. Your Attitude.
2. Your Words
3. Your Manners
4. Your Actions
5. Your Effort

Thought Of The Day

Never Show Your Weakness
To The World. Because,
World is Much Interested
To Play With It.

People Start
Understanding Your Value
When You Stop
Making Efforts For Them.

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You Can Never
Win an Argument With a
Negative Person.
They Only Hear…
What Suits Them And
Listen Only To Respond.

People Are Like Books.
Some Deceive You With
Their Cover, And
Others Surprise You
With Their Content.

Stop Making Room For People.
That Don’t Value Their Place in
Your Life.

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