8 Hurt Quotes About Love, Relationship & Family

Hurt Quotes

Don’t Use Sorry
As a License To
Hurt Someone.

Some People Hurt By Words.
Some By Actions And
Some By Silence.
But, The Biggest Hurt is That
Someone Ignoring Us When
We Value Them a Lot.

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People Say…
A Good Heart Always Be Happy.
But I Think, A Good Heart
Most Of The Times Get Hurt
Badly, Because It Expects Only
Good Things From Others.

Forget What Hurt You.
But, Never Forget,
What it Taught You.

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Love Hurt Quotes

Some People Hurt Me,
More Than I Deserved.
Because I Loved Them,
More Than They Deserved.

Hurt Quotes

Sometimes Someone Has to
Hurt You Deep Enough Just to
Let You Know That…
They Are Not The Right
One For You.
Learn You Lesson
And Move On.

Some of the Most Generous
People Have No Money.
Some of the Wisest People
Have No Education.
Some of the Kindest People
Were Hurt the Most.

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Sometimes Things
That Hurt You Most,
Teach You The Greatest
Lessons in Life.