9 Be Happy Quotes Or Quotes on Happiness

Happy Quotes

Being Happy…
Doesn’t Mean That
Everything is Perfect.
It Means That You’ve
Decided The Look Beyond
The Imperfections.

Be Happy Quotes

Always Find Time For The Things
That Makes You Happy.

Don’t Let Your Happiness
Depend on Something
You May Lose.

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If You Have The Power
To Make Someone Happy
Do it.
The World Needs More Of That.

Positive Happy Quotes

To Make Someone Happy
Give Them Three Things :
Attention, Affection And

Happy Quotes

Habits Of Happy People :
1. Don’t Show Off
2. Talk Less
3. Learn Daily
4. Help Less Fortunate
5. Laugh More
6. Ignore Nonsense
7. No Entitlement

The Real Happiness is to
Stop Expecting Others
To Make You Happy.

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Enjoy Your Own Company,
Instead Of Expecting Someone Else
To Make You Happy.

Nobody Can Make You Happy,
Until, You Are Happy With
Yourself First.

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